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Sunday, November 13, 2005  

Spicing it up!!! :D

Since I started looking for Templates and Themes for my blog I came across a number of useful websites. If you're really really good at HTML, PHP you'll be better off with weblogs.us and other sites that offer better services for advance users rather than Blogger. If you want it quick, easy and free and want to stick to Blogger, here's a list of sites that would help you spice up your blog :)

Blogger Themes and Templates:
If you're a blogger user too, these themes are really simple to apply. They've got a nice number of themes but they're plain and simple. All you need to do the least is copy & paste to get it working.
Blogger-Templates: 1 2 | BlogTheme

This site supports Blogger, Livejournal, Myspace, Xanga and other Weblogging Sites. They've got free layouts, scripts and tutorials.
Check it out

Others Designs
Hehe, I came across a bunch of girly template sites. They're really cool and nicely finished. Too bad there wasn't any classy template in black or dark red:
Weblog Design | Pink Design.
has lots of good designs but the site layout is a bit cluttered; makes it hard looking for what you need :S ...
Here's a bunch of crappy "free" template sites. They include dynamic templates, dreamweaver and flash templates too:
Template Monster | Template Store | Weblogger Themes. hehe, if I were you, I wouldn't bother going through such sites... :\ Oh and here's a nice list called "the ultimate blog template list". Hope the links there are worth it.

Its a bit similar to 'adding a comment'. Many forums and bulletin boards have this feature. Its sort of a small chat room... Anyone can post in your shoutbox. They're also referred as "Tag-Boards". Its fun to have one :) ... There are many sites that offer this service.
shoutbox.us | myshoutbox.com | CBox | ChatterBox | Tag-Board
(Left to Right: Rated better in my opinion.)

Hacks, Tips & Tricks

When I was screwing around with HTML tags I placed a <'body'> tag in the itempage <'div'>. When I saw the preview the blogger bar appeared with the rest of the main text. It gave me an idea... >:D *chingggg*. Blogger sees your template and places its bar just before the last <'body'> tag :P ... And thats what i did. :D ... After sometime browsing I noticed there are a bunch of Blogger Hacks out there! You can make your blog display photos of those who posted comments... :D ... This is the forum post that led me to Blogger Hacks. Blogger itself has a hacks page in its help section. Do check out peek-a-boo comments. Two other sites have tons of more hacks, tips and tricks:
BloggerHacks | FreshBlog.
Here's another post on how to Remove the Bar permanently!

Counters & Referrers
There are many websites out there that offer free counters. Counters are good to keep track of how many people come to visit your blog. Most counters have their ugly names and/or annoying ads in it. Mostly people don't like having it in their counter... The one I'm using is by StatCounter. You can choose the type of counter you want and pretty much customize most of it. It gives you detailed information about the hits your counter got along with detailed statistics and stuff (from graph illustrations to IP Addresses of your visitors). Other than counters, you can show a list of pages that brought visitors to your blog.. This small service is provided by Referer.org and TrueFresco.org. Recently Google started something similar called Google Analytics. Its a must see :)

Well thats about it I guess. Loads of goodies :P ... All you need is a bunch of spare time and voila!! :D

Grrrrr. If only you'd stuck this up when I was making my template from scratch :p Now I have NO TIME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :D:D:D

And YOU'RE talking about coming back? LOL, dude, I'm already here :p

Ooh ooh! Tell me how to embed fonts into my blog! It looks like poo!

lol! u have some guy checking u out from germany.. i wonder who could that be.... hmm.....

dude, bhot ala site, sorta gives it the half life look, not bad, not bad at all, suits ur dark persona, and dude, whata pic, if that doesn't get u the chicks, then it'll be up tp ur turbo charged, anti theft ashtray device, toyata corola to bring u some, but no worries, i am at hand. enjoy! later dude!

Speaking of hacks... How did you get the blogger nav-bar to sit inside your template instead of at the top of the page? That's v. cool.... Makes it lesss focal without hiding it completely. I like it!!

heh thanks guys.
john: it was kind of a hit-n-trial method. I placed an extra <'body'><'/body'> in the bottom end of my template; above a few <'/div'>s at the bottom. And luckily i was able to get the navbar below the red top banner...

Did I ever showed you my site summary thing :D ..
complete with ips and all ..

btw.. if you work on this site a little and get a domain to hide the blogger domain name on top, this site qualifies to compete against a lot of better wordpress blogs ;)

Very nice posting of hacks and designs, thanks a bundle. I recently grabbed one off Point of Focus, and had to modify it a lot to get the tables to work with dragonflies instead of butterflies. One of my friends wants me to replace the tables with CSS, but so far the CSS we have tried does not work in all browsers the way html tables do.

Because I have space on my wife's domain, I don't *have* to have the Blogger NavBar, but I like it, especially the search part - and I am trying to figure out how to embed the search part in my design elegantly. I like your NavBar too.

Oops, I forgot the link to the dragonfly laden blog: Life is a state of mind

Lots of helpful links, thanks for sharing. And yes, Statcounter.com is wunnerful.

How do I move the NavBar like you did? Is there a code or somehting?

Hey, very informative page, you have here, Saady. I'm trying to get my Nav Bar to stay stretched across the top. It keeps retracting.

lovely bits of info...gracias, sir.

Has anyone else managed to get this navbar working like how it is here? No one elses sites in the comments seem to use it, so I'm guessing no.. or they opted for another method

I can get the blogger navbar to resize to whatever.. but getting it to align anywhere other than top left of the page seems impossible

Is there any more in-depth instruction we can get on this, please? :)

hmm for those of you who might have been having trouble with this like I was.. after much hassel i finally got it working

What I found is that it only seemed to reposition anywhere but the top was after putting the second body tags in between a new division with:


as it's attributes. But before that I also made some change (which I can't figure out for the life of me what it was) to my template which stopped it aligning to the left of the page. So I don't know if the above will work without some other adjustments

hope it helps people anyway

hei can i know where u learned ur css xhtml blogger template..
i want to learn one.
my email.uhacks@gmail.com

whaa very nice..
best of luck


Nice bits...its really gonna helpful...
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Amazing and colorful theme you have selected.
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